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Flex Builder Linux Alpha 5 now available @ Adobe labs!

November 27, 2009 Leave a comment

Hi Guys,
This NEWS can get you all excited 🙂

Adobe has released the next version of Flex Builder for LINUX.

It is now available @ 🙂

Please pick up your copies and let us know your feedback!


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How to consume CFaaS using Flex client ?

November 27, 2009 2 comments

Hi All,

Welcome Back!

Here is a brief explanation on how services exposed by Coldfusion(CFAAS) can be consumed using Flex client.

FYI, Coldfusion9 has exposed few utlities as services, namely :

Charting (CFCHART) ,Document Services (CFDOCUMENT) , PDF Utilities (CFPDF) ,Image Manipulation (CFIMAGE) , Mail (CFMAIL)  & Pop (CFPOP)

Here i would like to explain how one of  the most common CF service(CFMail) can be accessed using Flex.

a) In CF9 administrator, under Mail section please type your server name, username and password. Check the ‘ Verify mail server connection’

checkbox and click ‘Submit Changes’. Make sure you get the message ‘Connection Verification Successful’.

b) Under Security-> ‘User Manager’ section in CF9 administration,  add an user using ‘Add User’ with the following info:

username, password, confirm password , check both RDS and administrative access and add ‘Exposed Services’ by selecting the required services.

eg: Mail Service and click ‘Add User’.

c) Go to ‘Security->Allow IP Address in CF9 administrator and enter your IP address and say ‘Add’.

d) After add the following tag in addition to CF:Mail,

<cf:Config  cfServer=”” cfPort=”8501″ servicePassword=”” serviceUserName=”” />(the values entered here should be same as the ones configured under ‘Add User’ and ‘Allow IP address’ section).

e) Create a flex project using Flash Builder and add the ‘CFService.swc’  which would be available under D:\ColdFusionCentaur\wwwroot\CFIDE\scripts\air (subject to CF9 installed location) to your build path (Project->Flex Build Path->Add SWC).

Also find the Flex code required to access the CFMail service below:

<cf:Mail to=”{to1.text}” from=”{from1.text}”  subject=”Test” content=”{myContent.text}” type=”html” id=”cfmail”  result=”cfmail_resultHandler(event)” />
<mx:Label text=”From”/>
<mx:TextInput id=”from1″ />
<mx:Label text=”To” width=”33″/>
<mx:TextInput id=”to1″ />
<mx:RichTextEditor id=”myContent”>

<mx:Button id=”myButton” label=”Send” click=”cfmail.execute()”/>


We request you guys to take a look at these workflows and send your feedback on the same 🙂

Thank You!

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