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Adobe Melrose – A Business Dimension to your Day-to-Day Development!

August 27, 2010 5 comments

Hey Guys,

Long time no see; Yeah, was a bit caught up with the product release cycles! Welcome Back…..

This time i would like to talk about a  real COOL stuff which got recently introduced to Adobe Flash platform services called “Melrose”.

Melrose achieved its first public BETA on 25th August,2010.

What is Melrose?

Melrose (formerly Shibuya) enables developers and publishers to distribute and make money with Adobe® AIR® applications through application stores. Melrose enables application syndication to multiple stores so that publishers can reach millions of users.

Who can make use of it?

Any developer who can build apps using AIR; which simply means anyone and everyone(since Flex is open source).

What should I require to use this?

Flex Builder 3, Flash Builder 4 or Flash Professional.Flex 3.4/4/4.1 sdk’s are supported and ensure your AIR version is above 1.5.3.

Should i PAY?

NO 🙂 As part of the BETA program Adobe provides a free ‘Code Signing Certificate’ which is sufficient to deploy your app to the marketplace.

How do I share revenue with Adobe?

We follow try and buy licensing mechanism. There a lot of licensing methods available namely Simple licensing, Timer based licensing, Feature based licensing and Manual Licensing. For a given paid app, the revenue share would be 70-30(Developer/Publisher -> Adobe).

Which are the stores i can target via Melrose?

Currently INTEL AppUp Centre and Adobe AIR marketplace. But lot in store for you guys in the near future….!!!!!

What should be my NEXT steps?

a) Download AIR SDK and start building compelling apps which can make you a MILLIONAIRE(who knows!)

b) Login in to ‘”, Sign up for the Melrose BETA program and download the Melrose SDK.

c) Include the downloaded library to you AIR app’s build path.

d) Enable licensing as mentioned in the BETA release help documentation.

e) Apply for FREE ‘Code Signing Certificate’ from the BETA program or provide your signed certificate issued by Thwate, VeriSign or GlobalSign

f) Export Release Build with the above certificate and upload your application to the Melrose portal.

More details on the portal and other pre-requisites can be obtained once you sign-up for the BETA program.

g) Once Adobe approves your application installer; you would be given an URL which can used by the users to download and start using your apps.

I request you guys to check out Adobe Melrose Forum for any specific info and further details.

Best Of All, you can monitor the ANALYTICS of your application.

Thanks all, hope you guys make more and more money leveraging Adobe Solutions and Services!!!!!

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